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The LUX Prize goes to Cannes
The LUX Prize 2015, which recently kicked off in Brussels with new members on its Selection Panel (read the news), is ready to move (temporarily) to sunnier climes. The French Riviera is to welcome the LUX Prize contingent during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, which will take place from 13-24 May.   For starters, chair of the European Parliament Culture Committee Silvia Costa, MEP Bogdan Wenta and LUX Prize...
Film in the Digital Era: Europe should ensure a better distribution of European films
The European Parliament adopted on April 28 a Report by Bogdan Wenta MEP on European Film in the Digital Era. The Report proposes to increase current spending on marketing and the promotion of European films, the introduction of film education, and...
Green light for the 2015 LUX FILM PRIZE edition!
On March 23, the Coordinators of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament approved the LUX FILM PRIZE Selection Panel for 2015. The 2015 LUX FILM PRIZE Selection Panel will have the task of proposing, watching and selecting...
“We made a film in black and white about the need for silence and withdrawal from the world and contemplation, and here we are at this epicentre of noise and world attention – fantastic! Life is full of surprises!” exclaimed Pawel Pawlikowski as he...
Ida shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to winning prizes. After winning the LUX Prize 2014 and being named as the Best Foreign Film in several critics’ circles awards (read the news), Pawel Pawlikowski’s successful film has taken home the...

Members of the Selection Panel

  • Peter
    Distributor, Festival Programmer
  • Mihai Cristian Chirilov
    Mihai Cristian
    Film Critic, Artistic Director of TIFF
  • Jose Luis Cienfuegos
    Jose Luis
    Director, Seville European Film Festival
  • Stephan De Potter
    Distributor, Cinéart
  • Fatima Djoumer
    International relations and events administrator, Europa Cinéma
  • Marion Döring
    Director of the European Film Academy, Producer European Film Awards
  • Jakub Duszynski
    Distributor, Gutek Films
  • Per Ericsson
    Responsible for Education and Teaching, Swedish Film Institute
  • Francesca Feder
    Producer of the 2012 LUX Prize winner "Io sono Li"
  • Giorgio Gosetti
    Director of Venise Days and partner in 28 Times Cinema
  • Paul Peter Huth
    Paul Peter
    Editor and Film Critic at ZDF
  • Ivana
    Cinema and Audiovisual expert
  • Yorgos Krassakopoulos
    Film Critic, Programmer of Thessaloniki Film Festival
  • Christophe Leparc
    Secretary-General, Directors' Firtnight, Cannes International Film Festival
  • Susan Newman-Baudais
    Eurimages project manager for 1st and 2nd features
  • Karel Och
    Film Critic and Artistic Director of Karlovy Vary Film Festival
  • Ewa Puszczyńska
    Opus Film, Producer of IDA, LUX Film Prize Winner 2014
  • Film critic, Film programmer advisor, Author
    Film critic for FilmComment.com, Sight & Sound, Film programmer advisor, Author
  • Mira Staleva
    Programmer, Sofia International Film Festival (IFF)
  • Matteo Zacchetti
    Deputy Head of Unit "Creative Europe programme – MEDIA"